• our magnificent 2015 vintage


    Of course, talk this year has been focused mostly on the rocky 2016 season. During this time, our 2015s were simmering with malolactic and arising a well-deserved interest.

    To be honest, we are a little worried ... Journalists seen so far do not show any particular enthusiasm. Business as usual.
    We do not think our wines are in question. Of course, it is always difficult to know what journalists really think of a particular wine : their face is impenetrable, their answers short, and our exchanges limited. They keep their comments for their readers, are often in a hurry, and do not want to be influenced. This is understandable.
    But with the ones with whom we can start a dialogue, i was surprised to discover restrictions about the vintage, signaling a lack of homogeneity, wines green or too ripe ... Disturbing indeed: even if we are sure there will be a controversy about the date of harvest (some choices could be criticized), this is the type vintage that could resist almost any kind of mishandling !

    We feel we have a real treasure in our cellars.
    These wines, tasted and re-tasted, sometimes for sheer pleasure only, are on top of their game and hold all their promises.
    While they were very accessible young, their structure is more upfront today. This is a result of their natural evolution, but also a phase: all our recent wines have gone through through this period, in the Fall, where they taste more tannic and tense.
    But their true nature has not changed: these wines achieve the synthesis between ripeness and structure the Burgundy amateur is looking for. Rich, silky, and ripe, they are also fresh, sometimes a little acidic, and completed by tannins with just the right firmness.

    The reason is a beautiful natural ripeness (almost all our wines are around 13,5°), still at reasonable levels, and completed by a noticeable acidity, everything being in balance.
    At harvest, there was little malic acid remaining; concentrations of tartaric acids were just average, but were preserved because of low levels of potassium.So we have a small analytical paradox, where we see low pHs, with barely average total acidities. But is is noticeable during tasting.

    To those feeling that 2005s were a little strict, the 2015s are more voluptuous. Those who happened to find the 2009s too ripe and sweet will be delighted to notice that freshness is really upfront in 2015.

    During this trying 2016 season, these wines have had a soothing effect: after all, we could have had another 1994 vintage in our cellar ... A good reason to be really depressed !

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