• the 2018 vintage : generosity and happiness

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    The wines: character and aging potential
    Tasting notes (June 2020) - WHITES
    Tasting notes (June 2020) - RED WINES - BOURGOGNE AND VILLAGES
    Tasting notes (June 2020) - PREMIERS CRUS AND GRANDS CRUS

    Sure, with a rainfall deficit of more than 25% over the period April-September and very generous sunshine, we could have expected a problem-free season.

    No frost to begin with, but very mild weather from mid-April, cut by a significant rainfall event at the end of May-beginning of June, which caused very significant mildew contaminations. Vosne had high rainfall amounts and was therefore particularly affected. Fortunately, this almost tropical weather was particularly favorable for the flower, which passed quickly and evenly. This is undoubtedly one of the explanations for the generosity of the vintage. The rest of the season was calmer (no hail in our areas) and marked by high temperatures and marked drought. 

    Surprisingly, the vines did not seem to suffer too much from the situation, perhaps because of the good water reserves in the soils built up the previous winter and in the spring, when it rained almost every other day.

    The harvest therefore began very early, from August 29 in Côte de Beaune and September 1 in Côte de Nuits, under constant fine weather. The harvest quickly appeared to be very ripe, very homogeneous despite rather generous yields and in almost perfect sanitary condition, despite some scald incidences. The traditional order of harvesting was upset a bit and it was necessary to show judgment or take a few bets to determine the priority plots.

    The wines have an incredible texture, they are marked both by maturity and finesse, with a beautiful definition of terroir: An exquisite velvet texture makes them very caressing in the mouth, they possess so much charm!

    Maturity is certainly important but unfortunately for exports to the USA, the wines are below 14 °. The acidity is low, but that doesn't make these wines heavy.

    This ripe and very smooth vintage will be approachable young. The tannins are smooth, the wines in general particularly open. Make no mistake though, this is also a vintage to keep. It is difficult to give a tasting recommendation as the trade-off between drinking young or old wines has become a matter of taste; in any case, it will absolutely be necessary to keep a few bottles for prolonged aging.

    Bourgogne blanc

    A wine that offers a pale yellow color with gray reflections, and is bright, limpid and of a medium intensity.

    The nose is fresh, delicate and clean. It initially exhales scents of green fruit such as apple and pear, pleasantly linked by an exotic note such as pineapple.

    After aeration, the wine reveals a lot of freshness and has more aromatic nuances. Citrus fruits and the hawthorn-white flower stand out clearly. Secondary aromas, buttery and woody take over valiantly.

    The palate is tonic, frank and dominated by citrus fruits. Young and biting acidity. The fat comes in the middle of the mouth to give way to a nice volume. The finish is long, with nice bitterness while making us salivate.

    A lively and young wine evoking citrus fruits displaying a beautiful tension. The ensemble is harmonious but needs time for the acidity to blend into the fat of the wine. Drink now if you like freshness, otherwise keep for another 8 years or more.

    Hautes Côtes de Nuits Clos St Philibert

    Lemon yellow color with green, sparkling and luminous reflections.

    A pleasing fruitiness: deep and direct expression with notes of orchard fruits and exotic fruits. It carries on with secondary aromas (autolysis effect) evoking scents of brioche and pastries. The oak then makes its entry with a slight hint of vanilla.

    The palate is fresh, sweet, with a round and enveloping texture. Harmonious overall, the acidity integrates finely with the creaminess and fatness of the wine. The mid-palate is slightly woody, expressing itself on hazelnuts. Finally, the finish makes us salivate and is stimulated by a hint of citrus.

    A delicious and complex register! Already extremely appreciable, it can be kept between 8 and 12 years.


    This wine shows a pale yellow color, not intense, with gray reflections.

    The nose is delicate and shy, of medium intensity, gently revealing aromas of white-fleshed fruits and flowers reminiscent of jasmine and lily of the valley. Behind its discreet aromatic, this chardonnay delivers a toasted touch. It builds on during the tasting with a dynamic and full body. Pleasant and dashing, élevage tightens it, to offer a clean and svelte feel. A beautiful body, sheathed and chiseled by acidity. The finish is long and fresh.

    The balance to date needs to progress but gives way to a promising wine. Can be kept between 5 to 8 years.


    Light yellow color with gray reflections, bright and vibrant, of medium intensity.

    The bouquet offers remarkable intensity, this wine seduces with its aromas of white fruit such as pear but also pineapple and quickly gives way to woody scents reminding us of roasted cereals and toast. Its olfactory register is just asking to gain more complexity.

    The attack is lively, fresh and dynamic. It takes on stature, thanks to its sharp acidity and enveloping texture.

    The nutty and toasted aromas are felt in the mid-palate. A wine captivating by its mineralogy. Long and salivating, it leaves us with a memory of chalk and citrus fruits. Elevage brings complexity and structure.

    A young wine with great potential, lively and frank, with a beautiful minerality. It offers a savory palate with present oak. It is very promising with an aging potential of 10 to 12 years.

    Corton Charlemagne

    Sparkling and brilliant color of a light lemon yellow, with green reflections.

    The nose expresses a character of orchard fruit. Superb exotic notes evoking papaya, mango and pineapple. After opening, the woodiness is revealed and is reflected by scents of vanilla and brioche. A light aniseed and floral note is superimposed on all this.

    Tonic start to the palate with a structure that unfolds slowly, in stages. Caressing and generous texture. The concentration is remarkable and of great density. Viennese pastry aromas are revealed. 

    A complex and deep wine, with rounded angles, that offers a buttery finish and which already provides a real enjoyment. Already very open, it can be kept 8 to 12 years.

    June 2020

    Burgundy Côte d´Or "hémisphere sud"
    A very nice nose, ripe and expressive, where we find plum and cherry.
    The wine is quite caressing at the start, shows a certain straightforwardness in the middle of the tasting, with a very nice finesse finish. A little tannins too, but not too much.

    This wine is a bit tight after its bottling and needs to relax. However coherent and integrated, very fine, the finesse and charm of the Côte de Beaune will end up resurfacing.
    From 2021

    Burgundy Côte d´Or "hémisphere nord"
    The nose is open, with aromas of red fruits (raspberry and strawberry), bramble, cherry ...
    In the mouth, a very good fullness on a tense finish. The structure is present, with well integrated tannins.

    A fairly robust wine, which represents the Côte de Nuits well. But its melted side makes it an attractive wine almost now.
    From 2021

    Bourgogne Côte d´Or "Etienne Camuzet"
    Here too, the nose is open and ripe, with aromas of cherry and black fruit.
    Very caressing and silky at the start of the tasting, lots of finesse on a very long finish. The tannins are quite marked but integrated by the concentration of the wine.

    This wine presents itself very well, it even shows a very welcome explosive side and an additional complexity which suggests the magic of the great terroirs of the region.
    From 2021

    The nose is very slightly reserved, nevertheless we perceive black fruits, woody notes, a slightly minty scent ...
    The mouth shows a nice definition from the start: full with a lot of sweetness, the finish is also very interesting, even if the tannins are noticeable.

    A beautiful wine, with a certain structure that complements the character of the vintage, which must be allowed to age for a while even if it is already very promising.
    From 2022

    The nose of this wine is still complex, while being less intense than Marsannay. We can distinguish woody aromas, red cherry, notes of grass and foliage, a touch of reduction too.
    On the palate, the wine is very smooth and caressing, the finish is nice and without roughness.

    This wine shows more seduction on the palate than Marsannay, it is lovely and quite integrated.

     Very elegant, it will take a few months to fully overcome its bottling, but we can imagine that it will be approachable from 2021.

    Morey Saint Denis

    Brilliant, with a raspberry-red color with purplish reflections and a beautiful intensity.

    An extremely open and charming nose, with a beautiful radiance that opens with aromas of red forest fruits and flowers such as rose, underlined by a noble vegetal touch.

    The palate is defined around tight and fleshy tannins. This Pinot unrolls a firm flesh, surrounded by stimulating acidity which makes it more digestible. The aromatic palette is intense, expressing itself on a character of black fruits and spices. The oak adds to the wine volume and complexity. The finish is long, structured with a slight flavor of cloves.

    It is an extremely seductive, racy wine based on ardor and grip.

    Its aging potential is 8 to 12 years.


    Shiny and luminous, offering a light ruby ​​red color with pink reflections.

    It expresses primary aromas: tangy red fruits, strawberry, currant and raspberry make it very pleasant. This bouquet is completed by delicately woody notes.

    The taste aspect offers a juicy attack, closely linked to tight and full tannins. The mid-palate offers a silky texture blending in a firm and rustic woody structure. The élevage gives the wine a structured and spicy finish.

    A muscular wine that will take time to refine. The general appearance is balanced and reflects well the image of Pommard.

    Time will erase its rusticity, it has a bright future ahead of it and can be kept for more than 10 years.


    Its color is brilliant, of a ruby ​​red color with pink reflections.

    Very Attractive! It offers a fruity and fragrant bouquet, with scents of stewed fruit, plum and strawberry. After stirring, pepper and anise express themselves, to then deliver a fine note of violet.

    The onset of the palate is firm, with young and fiery tannins. The élevage offers a deep expression. The acidity is revealed from the attack on but quickly escapes to give way to the generosity of this sunny vintage. Very ripe black fruit dominates the mid-palate with a structured and austere finish.

    Still on the reserve and well built, this wine is intended for a long aging period of 8 to 15 years.


    Bright and limpid color of a raspberry red, with purplish reflections.

    On the nose it evokes subtle aromas of crushed strawberries, bramble, rose and lilac. What a charm !

    In the mouth, the beginning is silky and racy. The tannins are coated and suave. A vibrant mouth that awakens the taste buds, with a beautiful concentration. Its texture is tasty, led by a savory mid-palate with rounded angles. The finish is very fine, reminiscent of violet.

    Extremely refined and enveloping. A juicy and slender body, it imposes itself by its fluidity and its fleshy aspect.

    Already very appreciable, it will gain in complexity after several years of aging. Aging potential between 8 and 15 years.

    Nuits Saint Georges

    Not very intense ruby ​​red color, with pink nuances of beautiful clarity.

    Aromatics provide a charming and intense nose, dominated by primary aromas. These are delicate aromas with scents of blackcurrant, blueberry and bramble. Nice, but slightly reserved bouquet, it opens quietly on subtle woody notes.

    The attack on the palate is juicy with an enveloping texture. This comfort on the palate is tied together by rounded and patinated tannins. A fleshy and sappy body which unrolls a pretty fluid and fruity substance, preserved by a bouncy acidity. Its finish is slender.

    A high class, gourmet and refined wine! Its fine grain is a calming cushion, still young but already showing a very beautiful profile. Aging potential between 8 and 12 years.


    It offers a ruby ​​red color, with pink reflections of medium intensity.

    It emits a subtle, fresh and sophisticated nose where aromas of red fruits of a beautiful intensity are revealed. Airing it highlights the complexity resulting from aging and shows minty and vanilla notes. The aromatic aspect is very pleasant.

    The first sensation in the mouth is lively and fresh. The mouth takes shape with a crunchy, explosive fruitiness and tasty tannins, with a loose structure. The body is caressing, well-coated and the aging gives it complexity, with cocoa and toasted fragrances. The finish is sapid, sublimated by a delicate touch of juniper berry.

    Extremely refined, it stands out for its almost perfect balance. We meditate, we appreciate and we contemplate. It already provides great sensory pleasure but can be kept for another 8 to 10 years.

    June 2020

    Fixin 1er Cru Clos du Chapitre

    Its color is brilliant, with dark tones of black cherry and purple reflections.

    Its aromatic profile is clean, dense and focused on a character of stewed black fruit, reminiscent of cherries and fresh prunes; all punctuated by fine notes of black olive and cloves. The aeration brings aromas of game and eucalyptus. Nice aroma of smoke and leather from well-managed aging. Very engaging!

    A palate displaying a charming pulp, enhanced by a tonic attack. It then delivers muscular and fleshy tannins. The aromatic offers an appreciable touch of violet and vanilla. A rich and voluminous texture on a solar register. It has a remarkable base, offers a lot of angles and flavors.

    Red wine full of dynamism. The power and smoothness of its flesh make it for aging 10 to 12 years.

    Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru les Feusselottes

    Brilliant and limpid, with a raspberry-red color with light pink reflections.

    Such a beautiful work! An open and charming nose, extremely refined. The bouquet is delicate and subtle, reminiscent of crushed strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Then violet and lilac are revealed. Incredible aromatic finesse, even with a hint of citrus expressing blood orange.

    The sculpted and fine tannins allow a wine full of elegance and charm. An acidity without aggressiveness makes it slim and digestible. The texture is juicy and full of indulgence, with the dominant blueberry aroma reinforcing its crunchiness.

    Sublime and delicate, with extremely delicious fruit and very harmonious overall. A high class pinot! It offers aging potential between 8 and 12 years..

    Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru les Cras

    Strawberry red color with pink reflections, bright and limpid, of medium intensity.

    Its nose is clean and delicate, offering fine touches of red berries such as red currant, strawberry and raspberry. He reveals himself timidly. Simply fruity to date, it will gain in complexity over time.

    Sophisticated and racy tannins, with frank acidity on the attack. Based on a texture all in velvet and lace, it offers a pleasant fruitiness dominated by redcurrant and marked by a peppery finish.

    Lacks a bit of relief so far but overall very pleasant. 

    Well balanced, with a velvety texture and melting tannins. The aromatic expression is still timid. Aging potential: 8 to 10 years.

    Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru les Chaumes

    Ruby red color, with a beautiful clarity and intensity, with pink reflections.

    The nose is shy and dense, it develops scents of very ripe black fruits, leading to a hint of smoke and chocolate. Aging confers a lot of complexity. After a few minutes of opening, it offers fragrances of fresh leather and sandalwood.

    In the mouth, it shows a lot of righteousness, with refined and silky tannins. The backbone of the wine is held together by a solid, spherical material. The mid-palate is distinguished, with a liquorice, peppery and gamey character. Very long in the mouth, the finish is punchy, on a finely smoky hint with a tasty texture.

    A wine of high rank. Over time he will be able to express all his wisdom. Aging potential between 12 and 18 years.

    Nuits St Georges 1er Cru

    Bright ruby red color with pink reflections.

    A bouquet with fine and delicate aromas. Clean and welcoming, it opens with a floral hint and evokes odors of morning dew.

    Solid, dense, with a real fruit base and a spicy note that carries it. 

    Very racy on the palate, a wine that needs time, it still has some hardness: the tight tannins must loosen. To be kept between 15 and 18 years.

    Nuits St Georges 1er Cru aux Argillas

    Bright and limpid, it offers a deep cherry red color with purplish undertones.

    A nice bouquet on the reserve, which opens quietly, in particular on stone fruit scents of a nice concentration. Also spicy and animal, he doesn't seem to want to show off too much. Still young and shy, the aromatic aspect remains attractive.

    It rolls out firm, tight tannins, opening nicely to a solid, rustic palate that needs to soften over time. 

    A wine with a virile profile, characterized by gamey aromas on a more drying and peppery finish. Aging potential 8 to 15 years.

    Nuits St Georges 1er Cru les Perrières

    Cherry red color with purplish reflections, limpid and brilliant, of good intensity.

    Fresh and very pleasant nose, which develops beautiful primary aromas such as cherry and plum, accompanied by a noble vegetal touch. A fine touch of liquorice reveals itself after aeration.

    This wine, made up of a dense and concentrated substance, unfolds ample and angular tannins.

    Full and carnal, it offers a rather incredible base, in particular a very good length with a finish on black cherry and spices.

    A wine focused on black fruits and supported by a full texture with still tight tannins. It has a solid frame. Very good potential, from 12 to 15 years old.

    Nuits St Georges 1er Cru aux Murgers

    Sparkling and brilliant, of a weak ruby red color with pink reflections

    So classy !

    Very attractive, this pinot smells of black fruits, such as cherry and blackcurrant, and is enhanced by a peppery hint. Then the wood intervenes, offering vanilla and chocolate fragrances. After opening, some violet is revealed.

    Still young but with the intensity of a great wine.

    A thrilling attack on the palate that thrills the taste buds. Thick and fleshy tannins in which the acidity is perfectly integrated. Well constituted, robust and muscular, this wine is ment to keep.

    Juicy with a tailored balance, the palate is full of sensations, both by the fruit and by the enveloping texture. The finish is long and leaves a memory of griotte cherry. It can age in the cellar for another 12 to 15 years.

    Nuits St Georges 1er Cru aux Boudots

    An intense black cherry color, with pink, limpid and brilliant reflections.

    This Nuits reveals a clean nose, with good concentration, which continues on black fruit and spice. Airing intensifies the aromas in which the cherry, plum and timut pepper are revealed. Light note of peony. The sun is expressed through aromas of fresh candy.

    The palate offers patinated and melting tannins. The rich, deep and carnal substance expresses a warm sensation in which a tonic and lively acidity integrates wonderfully. The experience is perfectly consistent, the finish is persistent on a register of fresh prunes.Simply superb and with a coated texture. 

    Voluminous and sunny, this ensemble is in perfect harmony. It can be kept between 15 to 20 years. Over time it will gain in complexity. Already a great wine!


    A brilliant and limpid color, of a ruby ​​red edge with weak pink reflections.

    The aromatic approach is very seductive, red fruits explode on the nose. Elevage from a medium toast brings concentration and retains its carnal fruitiness. The aromatic register of this wine is very attractive upon opening.

    Voluminous and racy palate. It expresses a sapid and fresh texture underlined by dynamic and bouncy tannins. The mid palate lengthens and takes off, thanks to an acidity which fixes its structure. Despite its fine start, the finish is long and deep. 

    Pure juice! Crunchy and svelte, this wine shows that a grand cru can be exceptionally good from its youth. Be careful, the bottle ends quickly:) Aging potential 8 to 10 years.

    Clos de Vougeot

    A ruby ​​red color, with slightly deep pink tints, with a beautiful shine.

    Its nose is fresh, open, with a beautiful aromatic clarity. A magnificent fruitiness, nuanced and deep. Stone fruits first express themselves to give way to scents of roses and citrus fruits. After aeration, a light vanilla and toasted note completes the aromatic score. Refined and intense, this grand cru is engaging from the opening!

    On the palate, it does not express any harshness and unfolds a loose and supple structure, which allows this Grand Cru to be drunk now. Lots of sweetness and subtlety. Everything works, the velvety grained tannins are already extremely elegant. 

    The texture is melting and accommodates acidity without nervousness, biting just enough to hold and lengthen the wine. Keep for 8 to 10 years. Already extremely pleasant!

    Corton Perrières

    A dazzling color, with a slightly sustained and brilliant ruby ​​red robe.

    Gourmet and fine, dominated by red fruit such as strawberries and raspberries. Stone fruits are then revealed, to give way to pretty aromas of rose and lilac.

    The bouquet is captivating, offering juicy and crunchy fruit. A slight hint of vanilla accentuates the olfactory register.

    A firm and fleshy attack, powerful tannins emerge. The material is authoritative with a feeling of strength and solidity. A sculpted frame revealing a still young and lively acidity, which invigorates all the elements. A spicy wine with an enveloping texture, of strict elegance and with a salivating finish, marked by notes of cocoa powder. 

    Discovering this wine involves a voluntary process, it requires time to open up. Aging potential between 10 and 15 years.


    Corton La Vigne au Saint

    A brilliant ruby ​​red color with pink, limpid and brilliant reflections.

    The fresh and elegant nose displays a lot of charm. It seduces with its aromas of red forest fruits, such as blueberry, blackcurrant and raspberry. Very accessible when just opened and offering an airy and flattering appearance. The list of aromas indicates a wine with a lot of seduction.

    Its start on the palate is fresh and delicate, with a refined density for this Cistercian texture. Its grain of tannins is extremely silky.

    A wine that persists with finesse and a lot of sweetness. The dynamics are carried on a final of red fruit notes. Aging potential between 8 to 10 years.

    Corton Clos Rognet

    A cherry red color with pink reflections of a beautiful intensity.

    It offers a clean, intense nose, on ripe black fruits. Delicate and fragrant, it delivers a beautiful concentration, with aromas of jam. The fine notes of smoke and eucalyptus show a well integrated aging. We can tell that he does not yet want to release all his secrets: he remains austere in his exuberance.

    The palate is enveloping, juicy, concentrated and powerful, around measured tannicity and a warm and rich texture. Black fruits such as cherry, fresh fig and prune are revealed and give way to notes of élevage (smoke, roasting) which blend perfectly into the wine. 

    Full-bodied and dense, it offers good aging potential, from 12 to 15 years. Very harmonious, a pinot of great class!

    Échezeaux les Rouges du Bas

    Bright and limpid cherry red color, with purplish reflections of a beautiful intensity.

    Fabulous nose! As soon as we approach, he makes us smile. What refinement already at the first nose! Dense with a stone fruit character, it reveals aromas of morello cherry and kirsch finely integrated with aging. After aeration, it unfolds chocolate and minty fragrances. A judiciously chosen wood offers another dimension. What is captivating about this wine is the purity of fruit filtered by aging, which makes it more intense and complex. Harmony takes place.

    Leather and black fruit are expressed in the mouth. It shows noble and tight tannins. A finish that leaves us with a spicy memory reminiscent of juniper berry. Persistent and deep, the pleasure is there.

    Here is an Echezeaux of strength and grip. One of the best plots of this grand cru? The upper part, sloping, is on a stony soil offering concentration and tension. The fluidity and roundness would come from the lower part, more fertile. What a pleasure to taste an Echezeaux of such class!

    Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru aux Brulées

    Bright and brilliant, in a red currant color with pink reflections.

    Beautiful purity of fruit, of a distinction without exuberance. Subtle and charming with aromas of redcurrant, raspberry and wild strawberries, and a slight vegetal note. Still shy, its sharpness and its classy aromatic profile let us imagine a great wine.

    Firm and fleshy attack with a velvety texture. Still restrained, it delivers penetrating spicy flavors. The tannin touch is silky and delicate. A high fashion pinot.

    At the start of its growth, this Vosne-Romanée remains reserved, its persistence and balance confirm great potential. Keeps 12 to 18 years.

    Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru au Cros Parantoux

    Brilliant and limpid, with a black cherry color with pink reflections.

    Still in a sour and dark phase. Despite everything, it expresses intense aromas of black fruits and seduces by its concentration: density and maturity of the substance. Harmonious nuances of camphor and aromatics. When aired, it reveals a hint of liquorice and smoke.

    Over time, the splendor of this wine will be there.

    The mouthfeel is juicy, but quickly tightens. It offers a solid base with firm flesh. It suggests aromas of stone fruit, fresh leather and smoke. Well built, it offers a spherical texture, a sanguine character underlined by grainy tannins which evoke graphite. 

    This mythical wine is armed for aging. 12 to 18 years old.


    Bright and limpid, offering a ruby ​​red color, with pink highlights of medium intensity.

    The nose takes a long time to open, the profile is quite frowning and animal at first. Finally, after a few minutes, it expresses scents of black fruit, pepper, bay leaf and cloves. Firmly focused on its aromatic power, it should go far.

    Full and voluminous attack, with a structured frame. Its velvety power highlights the refinement of this wine. Still fiery, with mineral and tonic tannin, it stands out for its elegant architecture. Its graceful and racy texture makes it a wine with a lot of presence. 

    Let's be patient, he has a great future. 15 to 18 years old.