• 60th anniversary of méo-camuzet, 30th anniversary of jean-nicolas

    Will this year in 9 be a great vintage? No one knows yet ....

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    Whatever happens, it will be for us a year of double anniversary since we will celebrate 60 years of the estate in the family and the 30 years of activity of Jean Nicolas at its head.
    This anniversary is placed under the sign of youth : 30 years, and even 60, in the light of the millennial history of Burgundy is just a trifle!

    Each vintage is a new baby that we look forward to raising and growing up to adulthood.
    Just like the Literary Award for First Novel that we have been granting for 10 years now during the Livres en Vignes book show at the Château du Clos de Vougeot.
    Just like the young trainees and apprentice winemakers who have come to learn about Pinot noir and Burgundy winemaking with us since 1989.

    And like the young Burgundy artists of ENSA Dijon, the School of Fine Arts, for which we have created this year a Young Artistic Creation Award to give them the opportunity to express their vision of the intangible heritage of Burgundy ...
    A great year for us, and hopefully, a beautiful vintage still in the making!