• all is well that ends well
    the 2016 5 years later

    Five years ago, we were pointing out the difficulties of a season that had finally ended well and the depth of a beautiful, ripe vintage.

    Today, these 2016s foil the predictions. The depth and texture noted at the release of this vintage are still there. The ripeness too; what has not been emphasized enough, even if we were talking about "a certain charm", is the seduction that these wines can exert. Ripe of course, but not heavy; racy but not severe; pretty and pleasant but also long and complex. They have a dimension, a glow, which gives them this gourmand, almost enchanting side, which is astonishing for such a ripe vintage. No doubt this is due to the quality of the acids, certainly not in very large quantities but resulting in a rather low pH for a sunny year like this one. 

    We can only be optimistic for the future of these wines. Admittedly, they have lost some of their youthful brilliance and some have entered a period of transition: less fruit brilliance, a little less freshness but not yet quite the complexity and integration that one expects from a mature wine. On the other hand, they are not really closed. A good aeration should allow us not to regret having opened them, even if many of them seem to be able to develop further.

    Tasting notes (May 2023)
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    A nose expressing at first notes of reduction (terrine, game) but which opens very quickly on ripe black fruits, with a touch of currant too. Spicy and mentholated compounds and a well integrated wood complete the ensemble.

    The attack in mouth is lively and frank. Immediately afterwards, rather tight tannins signal themselves and launch a finish that does not lack elegance even if it remains a bit austere.

    A wine still in transition, to be left aside for the moment even if a decanting would surely do it a lot of good.


    The nose is quite open but remains discreet, with slightly stewed red fruits. 

    The mouth is pleasant, round, melted and gourmand. A touch of acidity gives it relief and straightness, until a slightly tight but lively finish.

    The whole is very fine and accessible, harmonious, less "strong" than the Chambolle and rather ready to drink. 


    Nice open nose of very ripe fruits such as fig. But mentholated, spicy, blond tobacco notes and a well-integrated woodiness give it complexity and intensity. 

The palate starts with a very fine attack, well in the style of the terroir; it widens and reveals a long and acidic finish, not lacking in firmness. The wood is still very present and needs to melt. 

A young, dynamic, seductive and friendly wine, but still under construction and which will benefit from additional aging. 


    A generous and even intense nose, where after a touch of reduction, beautiful aromas of ripe black fruits are revealed. The oakiness is quite present through notes of toast and smoke. 

    The mouth is ample, enveloping, very pleasant. The tannins are caressing, the finish juicy. 

The whole composes a gourmand wine, accessible, that can still be drunk young. Nice future in perspective, an additional ageing will allow to integrate a wood still a bit present for some palates.


    A nose full of subtlety, aromas that sometimes need to be uncovered but which end up composing a rich bouquet of black fruits, touches of menthol, aniseed, vanilla... A slight evolution adds complexity.

    Very caressing in the mouth, a real velvet touch! Liveliness, subtle and melted tannins compose a structured wine without having the air of it. Very nice length on the finish, with energy. 

    Finesse from start to finish for this wine which, although delicious now, has not yet revealed its full potential. It has power in reserve and will make a superb bottle in 10 years.


    The nose is very open and intense: black and red fruits, a nice vanilla oakiness, aromas of pastry ... It is already very gourmand! All the more so as, with aeration, it opens up and gains in expression.

In the mouth, a very nice texture at the beginning, a lot of volume, then the wine continues in a generous, racy, fresh register until an integrated final, on beautiful young and distinguished tannins.

    This ensemble is very seductive, of course this wine has everything to age well but one wonders how it could do better? It already has a lot of harmony and shows a certain magic, the terroir which makes its demonstration, no doubt... 


    An open nose, albeit subtle, offering aromas of red fruits (red currant, cherry in brandy), spices, menthol and integrated oakiness. 

    On the palate, a certain restraint at first; more volume and depth as the tasting progresses, to finish on sharp but tasty tannins. Also, a nice impression of freshness.

Overall, a balanced wine, rather attractive, with minerality and a nice length in the mouth. We think it will continue to progress in the coming years.


    An open nose but with some reduction, which expresses itself by an animal side. Then, it opens on aromas of red and black fruits, flowers and spicy/woody touches.

The mouth is very full, concentrated, rich. It manages not to be imposing while gaining in texture during the tasting! The finish is on the fruitiness and allows to finish on a savory sensation.

    Very nice and generous wine, which has everything to offer. And yet, it will gain even more with ageing, which should open up the aromatics.


    From the start, very nice aromas of fresh red fruits; a slight vegetal note, some sweet notes compose a nice, seductive, gourmand set!

    The mouth is voluminous while being very fine, we find a beautiful energy and tannins all in lace which bring a gourmand and long final.

It is truly a charming wine, already very much in place, which excites the senses! To drink before it closes ?


    At first impression, black fruits; then spicy, peppery touches, a sensation of sweetness indicating a well-integrated oakiness. However, a certain general restraint. 

On the other hand, very gourmand and generous in the mouth. What a beautiful and majestic wine! We crunch the fruits in an enveloping texture and caressing tannins, with a great length.

    It is a ripe, fleshy and deep wine, all in majesty, which can be tasted very well today but could wait: the reward would be more subtlety and perhaps vivacity.