• "Premier cru"

    Nuits-Saint-Georges aux Argillas (Négoce) 2013

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    • Situation
    • A frank, intense wine, with aromas of fresh fruit (blackberry, blackcurrant). There is much silkiness on the palate and a very long finish dominated by acidity.
      On a tendance à le sous-estimer au départ car il peut apparaître rustique, un qualificatif dont sont affublés de nombreux Nuits St Georges, pas toujours à raison ... Mais il faut savoir attendre car il acquière beaucoup de charme au vieillissement, grâce à sa fraîcheur naturelle.

    • Excellent. Indeed, it's a wine that we would do better to forget in its younger years.

    • The evolution in the cask is slow, and the maturing process should aim for balance.

    • The acidity always ensures good extraction with intense colour. This wine is at ease in very mature vintages, as it always brings them a natural complement. Little intervention during the vinification therefore, with most of the work being done in the vineyard.

    • The vines are well into their forties and in their prime! They are fairly productive and it is therefore necessary to keep them under control.

    • Immediately to the north of Nuits-St-Georges, on the edge of the combe which leads up to the Hautes Côtes. Contrary to what you might be led to think from a superficial examination, the earth is not very deep in this appellation. The orientation is also deceptive: facing due south, and yet the vines ripen late, as cold air comes down from the combe. Fortunately, the vines are able to integrate and assimilate these contradictory influences.