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    Nuits-Saint-Georges (Négoce) 2013

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    • This wine is very round and friendly. It caresses you on the palate and immediately seduces you with its balance.
      Since the 2020 vintage, this cuvée has been made mainly from :
      the estate vineyard of the "Bas de Combes", adjacent to Vosne Romanée and currently under renovation
      purchases of grapes from "les Grandes Vignes" in Premeaux, a terroir full of finesse.

    • It is almost impossible to resist this wine when it is very young, but it also ages perfectly. In this respect, the 87 or 89 vintages (from the Bas de Combes exclusively at the time) are still remarkable today.
      It is a versatile wine, enjoyable during most of its aging and therefore are to satisfy all tastes !

    • The wine matures quite quickly in casks, in keeping with the gracious character it will develop later. It can take new oak very well (about 50%) and this contributes to structuring it.

    • These grapes require the use of very few extraction techniques in order not to spoil their natural elegance. The vinification will thus be normal.
      The levels of maturity and acidity are average, and little corrective action is necessary.

    • The vines are old (over 60 years) and prone to coulure. They are currently being renewed (since the 2013 vintage), and the load is quite light, with bunches of small grapes suffering from millerandage, often barely larger than pine cones. The cuvée is now complemented with the purchase of wine from a winegrower in Nuits-St-Georges.

    • A plot of about one and a half acres, situated in "le Bas de Combes" and bordering on Vosne-Romanée. This explains the wine's obvious similarity to this appellation. Irrespective of that, the terroir is very beautiful: right at the foot of the hill in very fine soil.